Michael Lee

I’m a research and data professional with an interest in creating products and tools that supplement the acquisition of knowledge. My toolkit includes R, SQL, D3, and LaTeX, and my background in special education assists in making complex concepts accessible.

R Programming

  • Co-authored the EdSurvey R package for analysis of survey data using NCES statistical methods, including the development of R functions from scratch (accompanied by acceptance tests), two vignettes, and presentation of the package’s practical use for researchers at 2016, 2017, and 2018 AERA workshops
  • Co-authored the NAEPprimer data package for connecting to random mini-sample of real data from the 2005 grade 8 NAEP mathematics assessment

Automated Reporting

  • Automated the production of summary reports, each featuring a custom-designed LaTeX template embedded with unique ggplot2 visualizations illustrating data trends
  • Collaborated with designers to replicate a visualization using base R graphics tools to produce over 2000 visualizations of student and teacher level survey data to populate client summary reports

Data Visualization

  • Developed over 10 unique animations for social media distribution at twitter.com/EdNCES
  • Advanced knowledge of ggplot2, the tidyverse, and additional R packages to create animations and print-ready graphics from raw data
  • Experienced building interactive graphics using D3.js

Web Development

  • Customized Bootstrap and Bulma frameworks featuring HTML and CSS responsive design principles
  • Experienced creating unique websites in both Jekyll and Hugo static site generation frameworks
  • My blog post describing my reproduction of the Wall Street Journal’s famous measles vaccination chart as an animation was featured across DataCamp's social media platforms.

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