Michael Lee

Developer living in the Washington, DC area specializing in the creation of graphics, web applications, and other data-driven projects. I teach workshops on R programming and data visualization and also enjoy baking baklava, biking, and playing word games.

Web App Development

  • Experience leading data teams and delivering compelling web products.
  • 5+ years of R package and web app development with experience. 1+ years of part-time tooling in Svelte and React.
  • Familar coordinating development tasks, performing task management, reviewing feature requests, and facilitating collaborative development.

Data Visualization

  • Developed over 20 unique animations for social media distribution at twitter.com/EdNCES.
  • Advanced knowledge of R data analysis and graphics packages. Experienced in all phases of the development process, including design, data manipulation, production, and automation.
  • Experienced building interactive graphics using D3.js. See my contributions to the TALIS, TIMSS, ICILS, and PISA summary releases.

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