Makeover Monday: WSJ Measles Vaccination Chart

Recreating the WSJ measles vaccination chart as an animated cartogram

Last week I wrote a post about recreating the WSJ measles vaccination chart as an animated cartogram - you can check out the full write-up of the development here: [Read More]

Reproducing the WSJ Measles Vaccination Chart Using R

Recreate and animate the plot using R and this guide

Mastering Animation in R Recently I’ve been working on creating gif animations for social media: New from #COE2017: 21% of students reported being bullied at school in 2015, a ↓ from the 28% reported [Read More]

Mapping Wisconsin Presidential Election Results

Wisconsin played a major role in the presidential election, but the result is not due to major differences with its Midwest neighbor.

“Your home state did us no favors…” As a Wisconsinite transplanted into the highest density of left-leaning voters in the country (District of Columbia) I’ve heard from severa [Read More]

NBA Draft Odds Plot

Original Source I was scrolling twitter and noticed this tweet from David Sparks - Director of Basketball Analytics for the Boston Celtics: With thanks to @hadleywickham, @hrbrmstr, and @ColorBrewer. [Read More]

sabr - R package

The sabr package connects the Lahman SQL Database with functions used in calculating offensive performance in the MLB, namely wOBA. Created by Tom Tango and popularized in The Book: Playing the Percen [Read More]

Visualizing Video Games Throughout History

A Guide to the video game rating system using interactive visuals.

Call of Duty :: Frank Underwood // Frogger :: George Costanza // Shinobi :: Wu-Tang Clan // Super Nintendo & Sega Genesis :: ??? Video games have long infiltrated popular culture. This article w [Read More]